Bitcoin in bearmarket looks nice!

Bitcoin in a bearmarket we could say that it looks very nice, if we are healthy Bears with USDT ready in the wallet. So how low can bitcoin go in this bearmarket?

But before that, what is bitcoin really?

Bitcoin is a digital currency with a supply limit of ₿21,000,000 only!

The concept of Bitcoin was published on a white paper in 2008 by Satoshi Nakamoto

But no one knows who he is or was, this is what makes bitcoin UNIQUE!

There is no one to control your money, it belongs to you, it is a decentralized system, governments have no power over it.

In 2009 Bitcoin was created to be an electronic peer-to-peer cash system.

But of course it attracted more people who are enthusiastic about crypto technology, ready to invest as a store-of-value currency for the future.

Here are some support levels shown in the picture below These will be reached in this bearmarket by bitcoin.

1. 42.000 $USDT 2. 33.000 $USDT 3. 27.000 $USDT But if you have diamond hands, you should seriously consider keeping some of the money for what is to come

Odds show that bitcoin may go below 20.000 $USDT! This is not a financial advice do your own research.

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