Bulls and bears are in position | Bitcoin Price analysis

Updated: Dec 25, 2021

Incredible moves will come in for Bitcoin in the next few weeks

will it be able to maintain the support at 48,570 $USDT?

But more important will it be able to climb higher and jump over the resistance at 53.000 $USDT ?

There are 2 ways for bitcoin right now, bulls and bears are in position

The strength of the bears will be felt with a wick near a support area at 37,467 $USDT Many people say that history repeats itself, should it be so?

However, a reversal of the situation, even in this situation in which bitcoin has been lately, is possible, and we could see a break of over 65,000 in January 2022.

Very important this support at 48,570 depends on the arrival of the bearmarket or the continuation of the bullmarket.

This is not a financial advice do your own research.

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